Le Locle, Switzerland

Founded by the young (22) Georges Favre-Jacot in 1865 in Le Locle. He basically invented the concept of a manufacture, by putting all watchmaking disciplines under one roof (in Le Locle). The name Zenith appears in 1911, referring to the highest point by a heavenly body in the sky. That’s why there’s the star in the Zenith logo. Already in 1925, Zenith has 1000 employees. Zenith is perhaps best known for being one of the first to introduce an automatic chronograph movement, the El Primero. This movement, launched in 1969, is still in production today, with only small adjustments. The El Primero is a high-beat movement, meaning it has a ticking number of 36,000vph (~1/10th of a second or 5 hz) that should ensure higher precision. Today, Zenith is still located in Le Locle and since 2000 part of the LVMH Group (with other watch brands TAG Heuer and Hublot). The Zenith CEO today is Julien Tornare, who has been appointed in 2017. In 2019, Zenith celebrates the 50th anniversary of their El Primero movement.



Founding year by Georges Favre-Jacot
Introduction of the first pocket watch chronograph
The company is from now on known as Zenith
Zenith launches their caliber 135 chronometer movement.
The El Primero is born and used in their A386 reference.
Watchmaker Vermot hides plans and machinery from the then owner of Zenith, who wanted to solely produce quartz watches.
Vermot returns the hidden goods to Zenith when the demand for mechanical watches is on the rise again.
Introduction of the Elite movement family
Zenith presents their El Primero Striking 10th watches
Zenith re-introduces a collection of pilot’s watches
The Zenith Defy is able to record 1/100th of a second

Did you know?


The annual production of Zenith watches


In 2019 Zenith celebrates the 50th anniversary of the El Primero movement


Zenith is able to service and repair any El Primero movement that was produced since 1969
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