Is smartwatch worth it?

Is smartwatch worth it?

First, we had supercomputers that a bunch of people had to share and that could only be used in one place. Later, we got desktop computers that a family could use, maybe in one room in their house. Even later, we got laptops-personal computing devices that you could take with you from place to place. Then came smartphones, ultra-personal computers that could fit in your pocket and answer all your questions with simple voice commands.
Most recently, we got the smart-watch, a device that put the necessities of daily communication and information on your wrist. Information is less than an arm’s length away! Information that is always with you, always keeping you connected, no matter where you are! With the addition of sophisticated voice assistants, such as the Google Assistant, modern smart-watches let you answer any “googleable” question on your wrist at all times, in addition to letting you communicate with people discreetly, efficiently, and most importantly, at all times! (even when you don’t have your phone with you)
Maybe you're not the biggest smartwatch fan in the world, but maybe you can understand why some might be interested in buying one.
Is smartwatch worth it?

Let's dive in some smartwatch benefits:



You will be able to navigate your way without holding your smartphone in your hand. It is a very good solution for travelers, hitchhikers, or adventurous people. 



Yes, you will be able to connect your smartwatch with your ear pods without taking out your phone, to blast your favorite songs while you are working out, jogging, or even doing your daily routine. 
Most smartwatches nowadays have a spoken command assistant which could be used to cue up playlists, artists, albums, and individual songs. That means if you're not in the mood for the current song, you can skip it without taking out your phone.


Phone Calls

You will speak to your wrist, people will think you are crazy!! Ahh! That's the future. Don't worry, most people are adapted to see these kinds of people throughout their day because smartwatches and wireless ear pods aren't a new thing anymore. The society accepted this innovation a long time ago, even elderly people are buying smartwatches to use it for phone calls.
And if you're still not convinced, you can connect your wireless headset to do your calls. It’s also good for streamlining your work. Much like the notifications making it easier to concentrate and only pause when it’s important, truly hands-free calling makes it easier to multi-task.



It may seem like your phone already has you covered for travel. But, that’s before you’ve had a smartwatch.
Instead of using your phone as GPS, you will be able to use your smartwatch to guide you to nearby locations or search out a specific destination.
Keeping your eyes up, on the street or the sidewalk has a surprising effect on your confidence in an unfamiliar area. If you have Bluetooth headphones, you can even have the watch pipe directions into your ear, just like a phone. Not only that, you will cross the street without jeopardizing your life because you only have to glance at your wrist.


Health Awareness

That's the best advantage you can get from a smartwatch and the number one reason why a lot of people are buying smartwatches.
It simply can be your check-up doctor who stays with you all the time. Because it can check up your heartbeat ECG (electrocardiogram heart monitor) and notify you when it's above average, calories you lose while jogging or doing your sports routine.

Not only that, it can measure your stress using a combination of measures, like your heart rate and blood pressure.
That's a useful tool if you're trying to get your stress under control and taking every health issue for real to keep a healthy lifestyle.
For those of us who rely on caffeine to get through the day, your smartwatch tracks that too. The amount of caffeine in your system can affect your stress levels, your heart rate, and how jittery you are. Knowing how much is in your system is a useful tool for maximizing your productivity without the afternoon crash.



You're waiting for an important message from your boss, your mom, or your partner. You know you can only last so long before you need to reach for your phone, just in case.
Here is the situation when the smartwatch comes in its place to use it as a notification device, not only that you can use it to replay on messages without pulling out your phone.
Other notifications are equally helpful. Calendar reminders, office meetings, date nights, and other reminders also display on smartwatch faces.
We have seen a handful of benefits of a smartwatch, but everything has downfalls, which we will discuss as next.
Things like:



Most high-end smartphone companies are offering their smartwatches which full of technology, innovation, and lifestyle improvement features, but that comes at a price.
The starting point for such smartwatches is $200-$500. The price may vary depending on the seller and the sale. But don't think how many dollars will go out of your pocket, think how could this smartwatch improve your lifestyle.
Choose your smartwatch depending on the features you need, to serve your daily routine.
If you can't afford that, you can turn your head to the second-hand market, which you can find a deal you can't turn down. The prices there are varied between $40 to $150 depending on the condition of the watch.


You have to charge them every day

Like everything with a battery, you must charge your smartwatch a couple of times per day which is inconvenient throughout the day, being without your smartwatch could be challenging.
But a great solution is purchasing a wireless power bank, which you can use to charge your watch on the go. If you are at work, in your car, hitchhiking, or you love being outdoors for long times, this innovation is the solution to your concern. A 1000 mAh power bank is enough to charge your watch a couple of times without plugging the power bank into an electric socket.

A small power bank can be lightweight, which can be carried in your pocket or your bag. You can use your laptop or any USB-port as a charging point for the power bank and charge your smartwatch at the same time.


Final Thoughts

We've talked about the pros and cons of smartwatches. You have the choice in your hand, you can discuss your thoughts with your mind and think how could a smartwatch impact your day-to-day life, and how they can make a significant difference.
Hopefully, this article helped clear up any questions or concerns you had about smartwatches. But, at the end of the day, the only one who can decide if you should buy a smartwatch is you.

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