Why do some people still wear wristwatches?

Why do some people still wear wristwatches?-Livio Antoine Fashion Blog

Why do some people still wear wristwatches?

An excellent question to begin our fashion blog with.

Some people will start wondering why on earth would anyone waste his time and money purchasing a normal wristwatch especially during our highly Tech-Era instead of purchasing a highly trending digital watch or stick to using his smartphone as a time teller.

Many people around the world still wear a timepiece on their wrists on a daily basis to keep track of hours. Some people collect watches as a hobby. Wearing a watch has given new meaning to their lives, transforming the regular timekeeping function into some sort of passion or obsession.

If you take two steps backward and think, you will realize that it may rely on either one of the following possibilities or some of them:

Wearing a Wristwatch To Tell Time

Nowadays, people use Smartphones and Smartwatches to tell time, but watches have always been the primary method to tell time.

Although many changes occurred to make human life less complicated and more luxurious, people still prefer a Wristwatch; because it is easier to look at your wrist than to put your hand in your pocket to pull the phone out.

On the other hand, this could be stressful for some people to look at the time constantly; that's why they avoid wearing wristwatches. 

Wearing a Wristwatch as a daily habit

Do you wear a wristwatch daily as a part of your dressing-up routine?

You may be accustomed to wearing a wristwatch as a daily process. And it may have even become a necessity for you, along with brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

You may have developed the habit of wearing a wristwatch early in your life by following the steps of your father, and your mother.
As a child, you probably saw your parents wearing their wristwatches every morning, while they were dressing up for work.

This daily practice must have some influence on you, that It connects a daily dressing-up routine to wearing a wristwatch. So you may have inherited this habit.

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Wearing a Wristwatch as a method of self-care

You may have learned through media or from your favorite Hollywood celebrity that a daily stylish outfit cannot be completed without a good-looking wristwatch.

So you may be one of those, who have evaded the negative influences of social media and picked the most positive ones to improve your lifestyle and self-esteem. The world has changed a lot this decade, business-wise, and fashion-wise too.

You can not imagine how the Social media, especially Instagram has changed the people's perspective on taking care of their mental-, and physical health beginning with wearing a fresh-looking outfit every day, whether preparing for a big job day or even to take your morning coffee in a nearby Starbucks.

It's a proven thing that a fresh outfit-look has a big positive impact on your self-confidence, and it would be perfect if you can add to your wrist a timepiece to keep you always on time-schedule through your long day, and boost your daily productivity to higher levels.

Whether you’ve got a complete outfit without the right pair of shoes, a stylish bag, or a trendy belt, you can always improvise your look with the addition of a watch. An accessory that has witnessed something extraordinary happening in the history of humankind hasn’t become obsolete or passé, as it has managed to survive among fashion trends and competing products on the apparel market.

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Buying a Wristwatch as an investment 

The reason; why people are still fascinated by wristwatches is that you can buy today a high valued luxury watch, wear it for some years, then sell it for a higher price.
Wristwatches of high quality are resilient accessories that make them a good way of saving money, and they turn into an investment that; can be passed down from one generation to the next.

I brought you an impressive recent story of a successful investment in wristwatches;

Brian Sacawa from -He Spoke Style- YouTube channel talked about his experience buying a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711. Although it is nearly impossible to get it at retail, he managed to buy one from Patek AD for $29,980 at retail price.

As a watch admirer, he didn't consider selling this watch to get a profit, as an investor would normally do, but when he knew from Chrono App how much this watch had appreciated, he considered selling it, and he sold it for $68,000. Which is a great investment!

Check out this amazing VIDEO from He Spoke Style Channel

Wearing a wristwatch is essential for a job

For James Bond or John Wick, It is mandatory to wear a quality watch to enhance the premium clothing style-look, as well as add the practical side to their characters, whether in combat or rest. 

If you are interested in James Bond-style or John Wick-style. Check out this amazing VIDEO from Real Men Real Style Channel

 Some Armies strictly regulate soldiers' use of cellphones while in uniform or civilian clothes on duty, that's why it could be a better solution for military personnel to wear a conservative wristwatch to check on time unless the commander prohibits wristwatches for any reason other than health/safety.

Saturation divers wear special watches, which are designed to withstand the deep-sea pressure to be able to track time to maintain a sense of chronological equilibrium and general sanity.

Some Pilots tend to wear specially designed wristwatches to calculate time-lapsed, distance, fuel consumption, and to set different time zones.

These were few examples of professions that may require wearing a wristwatch.

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 Is it the beginning of the end for traditional watches with the growing popularity of smartwatches?

Many people speculate that traditional wristwatches have no place anymore after the uprising of the smartwatch industry, although wristwatches have been around for almost 500 years now.

There is no doubt that; trending technologies, like; Smartphones, Electric cars, and Smartwatches took a massive role in our daily routine over the last few years, but does this mean that the wristwatches' industry is already dying?

Despite the humongous features a smartwatch can present, wristwatches still draw people's attention and encourage them into opening long conversations talking only, how proficient these aesthetic mechanical pieces are.

It is a fact that people still enjoy owning a piece of art to decorate their wrists and add unique looks to their clothing styles, as a cherry would do on top of a cake.

Besides, the revolutionary renaissance of internet services has pushed the online fashion industry to be one of the fastest-growing businesses, which attracted start-ups, small and large enterprises since they are reaping huge profits by investing a small amount.

Web-based purchasing features made also branded watches available worldwide at reasonable prices, which allowed customers to shop more conveniently without putting a lot of effort into the process.

Finally, we can deduce that traditional wristwatches have been around for a long time and will not go extinct any time soon.


 In conclusion

Wearing a watch is a symbol of punctuality. A Wristwatch is not only a fashion statement that can show up your personality, but also can be a phenomenal investment.

 Of course, Wearing a regular wristwatch is totally up to you, and no one is capable of convincing you into wearing a wristwatch if you are not in a total belief that doing so would benefit you or add up to your clothing style.

 At the end, do as you wish, wear what you prefer, and never let anybody affect your style choice.

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