What is an automatic watch?

An automatic watch is a watch powered by the natural movement of the wearer, this means that no battery is required to power the watch. In Livio Antoine, we call this type of movement a 'renewable' energy movement.

But can you tell me how can your LA watch charge itself, more specifically?

Every LA automatic watch has a rotor made of heavy stainless steel, so as the wearer moves his or her arm, the rotor swings, thus setting the gears in motion and winding the spring. You can flip over our LA ENG Automatic watch to see the beautiful process throughout the back case exhibition glass.

But wait, what if I do not move that much? will my watch stop working?

That is when the manual winding option comes in. There are two options, the first one you have to shake your ENG Automatic watch!, but if this increases your risk of getting dizzy, that is when you should take the easy way to charge your LA watch by winding the crown manually.

How can I wind my LA watch manually? How many times should I twist the crown?

All you need to do is to give the crown a good 20 to 30 turns upwards(clockwise) while it is in the pushed-in original position.

How many hours could my ENG Automatic watch last after the manual winding?

Our ENG Automatic watch will run for 36 hours.

Should I wind my ENG Livio Antoine watch manually even if I am a daily active person?

That depends on your type of activity. If you a hyperactive person, if you love riding bikes, jogging, walking, or even better parachuting, you do not need to wind your watch, but if you are a computer-person, this means you are barely moving your wrist, that is when you need to give your ENG watch a bit of juice.

What will happen if I overwind my ENG Automatic watch? When should I stop winding?

DO NOT overwind your watch because overwinding can damage the mainspring and make the mechanical parts wear faster. That is not like topping off your gas tank, so do not try to give it a little extra. STOP winding when you first feel resistance. Our ENG watch keeps the best time when the mainspring is above half tension.

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