Congratulations, being here means you bought a Livio Antoine ENG Automatic watch. That makes you the rightfully proud owner of more than just a timekeeper: that little disc on your wrist is an emblem of the culmination of art and science, a salute to man’s ingenuity. Whether you wear it just for special occasions or it accompanies you during all of life’s significant moments — and whether you paid a week’s salary for it or a day’s — it should serve you well, running trouble-free for many years. Set it and forget it. Strap it on and go.But to keep that watch running flawlessly, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Winding Rules:

▹Wind the watch off your wrist to minimize stress on the winding stem.

▹Do not overwind. Stop when you feel resistance. Read "how to wind my ENG Automatic".

▹Do not flex your muscles on the small crown. Take it easy and be kind.

Cleaning Rules:

▹Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the face and the stainless steel bracelet of your watch.

▹Do not clean your LA watch under running water. 

▹You can clean your leather strap with a dry microfiber cloth.

▹Do not use ethanol in the cleaning process, because that can damage the ion-plated color.

Underwater Usage:

▹Do not swim with the ENG Automatic watch, because it is rated for 30 meters resistance.

▹Do not shower while wearing your watch.

▹The watch is resistant to rain and water splashes like hand-washing.

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